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catering services in kelowna, bc

the boujee butcher

[not so ordinary] okanagan catering


catering on a boujee level


no one size fits all

We love to cook, and we love to feed. That's what drives us to create custom, exciting menus- on a catering scale- that never feel cookie cutter. 

We work with you to create a menu that you want- a menu that excites your guests, gets them talking and leaves them full & happy. 

That's why we don't have set options or pricing- we create and execute your vision every. single. time.  



ingredients are everything

We don't cut corners. 

Especially not with ingredients. They're the soul of each dish, and subpar ingredients make for subpar dishes. 

Which simply does not fly with us. That's why we only use the freshest, finest and (as much as we can) local ingredients that take a dish from "meh" to "nailed it." Farm to table is what we always strive for.

Cookie cutter food doesn't come out of our kitchen. 



personalized service

Catering shouldn't be about selecting pre-defined menu options and "making it work." 

Catering shouldn't be about the same few mundane cuisines and options. 


Catering should be about creating a menu that isn't bound by any limits. Forget the quantity requirements and set menus. 

Kick back, and let us cook for your guests the way you want. 


our story

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